Los Angeles, California offers an array of attractions and beautiful places to visit. The list of things to do is virtually endless. Whether you are in the city for a short or long stay, you will never run out of fun activities to engage in.

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At the top of the list of attractions is Hollywood. It attracts millions of visitors every year who mainly travel there to celebrate their favorite stars. There are quite a number of landmarks including the walk of fame, the Hollywood sign and the Hollywood bowl just to mention a few.

You can opt to visit Midwest City and get a glimpse of how people in California live. This area offers the best of LA. Enjoy the flavors of different cuisine from amazing restaurants. You will also want to check out the farmers market, La Brea TAR Pits and Museum Row.

Los Feliz is one other neighborhood you should check out. This is a neighborhood that will give you that old Hollywood feel. Houses are tastefully built with the architectural prowess being quite evident immediately upon seeing them. This is nothing compared to the nightlife and hype once the sun sets.

Just the mere thought of Californian cuisine can make you relocate there. There are so many restaurants that offer a variety of varying dishes from all over the world. Buzz restaurants such as Son Of A Gun and Osteria Mozza fill with locals and celebrities who are eager to have their favorite dishes or sample new ones.

If you are out to have fun in Los Angeles, you may opt to visit Venice Beach. The area nurtures an outstanding aura of excitement. The visibility is great if you are a people watcher as the beach is often packed with tourists.

Art lovers have Getty Center which is renowned worldwide for it endowments. There are vast collections of art pieces covering a wide span of history. The photography collection is definitely worth seeing and don’t forget to check out the outstanding sculptures on display.

For an intriguing combination of fact and fiction you can visit the Museum of Jurassic Technology. The institute has exciting wonders and artistic miracles. California is also home to world famous Disneyland. You are never too old for this. This legendary theme park always has fun activities for people of all ages. It is the ideal place to take your family and friends for a fun packed day.

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider living in Los Angeles. If you are working towards a career in the entertainment industry, this is indeed the melting pot of creativity and talent, it brings a kind of atmosphere that is just right for you to get inspiration and come up with great ideas for your future.

LA is also fertile ground for investment. With a population well over 18 million people, there are unlimited opportunities for innovation. With technological advancement creating a competitive edge for investors, you will want to take advantage of this large market. LA is the land of grand ambition and the fulfillment of dreams.