Secrets Of The Scam Rent To Own Home Seller

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If you’ve expressed your interest in purchasing a rent to own home to your friends and family members, they’ve likely told you to use caution. Everyone has heard some sort of horror story about a potential home buyer who was ripped off trying to buy a rent to own home. While there is not a […]

How Does Rent to Own Work with a Bad Credit History?

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If you have bad credit history, you’ve probably found out the hard way that obtaining a traditional loan isn’t as simple as many people think. Luckily, there are other options to become a homeowner, and renting to own is one of the most popular. Many people ask, “How does rent to own work if I […]

Lease Option or Lease Purchase? How are they Different?

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With more and more properties going into foreclosure with banks tightening up on their lending restrictions. As such, it has opened up people to opportunities of opting for lease options instead of selling their houses. Yes, this is another viable option that you can take especially if you’d want to conserve your equity and create […]

Rent To Own Contracts and Agreements Explained

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With the existing housing crisis and credit as tight as a drum, a rent to own option would seem a perfect solution for many buyers and sellers. Cash-strapped buyers would get a chance to save for a bigger down payment or make themselves more creditworthy. Likewise, cash-strapped sellers would be able to get out from […]

How Does Rent To Own Work For The Buyer And Seller?

rent to own buyer with key

Owning a house brings self-fulfillment and sense of pride to homeowners, especially if they have paid off their underlying mortgage on the home. However, with the difficulty in finding lenders or financial institutions that grant mortgages to people with bad credit, that house may be just a dream. Rent to own may be the solution […]

How Rent to Own Homes Can be Good for You

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It’s everybody’s dream to own a house at some point in their lives. However, with the current global economic crisis it has pretty much affected everybody with their finances as people are now finding ways to make most out of their precious money that is left. It seems that the dream of owning a premium […]